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“The Financial Times is a brand and a product that is not only prestigious but provides intricate and analytical information for decision making.

Our partnership has provided us with true value; a value that has elevated the already existing prestige of our newspaper.”  

Vivian Barrios, General Manager, Capital Financiero, Panama

“The FT offers exhaustive coverage and superb commentary. Because of our partnership, we are able to bring the news that the global financial and business world is talking about to our readers in this part of the world… and that is the news worth listening to.”

Manoj Nair, Associate Editor – Business, Gulf News, Al Nisr Publishing, United Arab Emirates

“The syndication of FT content enables us to meet a great reader interest in connecting the dots in the world economy. In the world of newspapers, the FT provides the very best journalism on the economic and political front. Our readers love us for having chosen it.”

“(We) chose the FT as a partner because in the world of newspapers, the FT provides the very best of journalism” 

Adam Hannestad, Former Editor of International Economy, Politiken, Denmark

”The FT is without any doubt one of the most important sources of financial and economic information and by including daily content from the FT into our newspaper we increase its quality and variety”

“Since the beginning we have included FT syndication content in our day-to-day publication. It is a fact that by including daily FT content in our newspaper, we increase its quality and variety, and our readers’ interest in FT content is more than proven.”

António Costa, Editor, Diário Económico, Portugal

“FT content is important as an international complement to our domestic business and financial news”.

Vera Brandimarte, Diretora de Redação, Valor Econômico, Brazil

“The Financial Times was an obvious choice for BusinessWorld… The FT’s wealth of content and expertise in covering global events complement BW’s competence in Philippine business matters.

To highlight the partnership, FT content is packaged as a separate section using the FT color, with the thrice-a-week offering containing a selection of analysis and opinion seen of interest to BW’s readers. As the articles cover an extensive range of issues and are not limited to the “business” pieces one would pigeonhole the FT with, the response has been extremely positive.

BusinessWorld expects to continue its relationship with FT and the company will welcome opportunities to expand this further.”

Arnold E. Belleza, Executive Editor, BusinessWorld Publishing Corp.

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